Algebra students at PCMS reviewed literal equations before their test with a gallery walk activity.  Literal equations are equations that are made up from primarily letters.  Formulas that are used in math and science are great examples of literal equations.  There were ten stations with literal equations around the room.  Students worked in groups to solve the literal equation for a certain listed variable.  Each group had a specific color marker.  The first group to see the literal equation solved the problem and wrote their answer on the paper in their marker color.  After a certain amount of time the groups rotated one station over.  Students then solved the literal equation to see if they agreed with the first answer given.  If they agreed, they placed a check in their color marker.  If they disagreed they wrote the answer they came up with in their color marker.  This continued until all groups had seen all ten review questions.  The goal was for the class to have all ten problems correct by checking each other's work.