Watch Dogs of LES

You might be asking yourself, what are "The Watch Dogs?" What they are is nothing short of amazing! They are dads, uncles, grandfathers, stepfathers, and other male figures who are taking time out of their busy week to leave a positive impact on all of the students at Luray Elementary. They serve as a positive male influence for students, and the program has been a great addition to Luray Elementary School.

         The LES Watch Dogs can be seen helping students with  class work, putting on Band-Aids, and helping teachers! They have the opportunity to not only work with their student in the classroom, but to also go into other classrooms and help other students. Becoming a Watch Dog is easy! Email Assistant Principal Ryan Mettinger at: for more information. Luray Elementary is thankful for their " Watch Dogs" and this program. Go Bull Pups, Go Watch Dogs, and Go LES!