group of students in Spanish classes

To close out Hispanic Heritage Month, PCHS students and staff rolled out a cultural Food Day on Friday, October 13th. Dishes were brought in from home and made right in the classroom! In Honor of the contributions of those from the Spanish speaking world, the Spanish department took part in learning about the richness and diversity of various dishes from Mexico, Central, and South America (as well as Spain).

Students in Mr. Flatley’s class brought in authentic home made dishes originating from Spanish speaking Latin America. Dishes ranged from Patatas Bravas to Pupusas! Mr. Flatley, demonstrating his culinary background he gained while living in Lima, made Peruvian creamed chicken and potatoes for his afternoon classes. He also made breakfast tacos with cactus, cheese, and eggs for his morning classes.

Students in Dr. Cencich's classes made quesadillas and nachos. Students were set up in stations and made the dishes right in the room! As the pictures suggest, the students really enjoyed themselves!

Food day is a tradition at PCHS that students look forward to each semester, as it teaches them culinary skills as well as opening their palates to cuisines from outside of the United States.