Tickerhoof and Page One

On Saturday, September 16, 2023,  students and families from Page County High School gathered at Buddy Comer Stadium to enjoy a game of Powderpuff Football as part of our annual Homecoming traditions. The entrance fee to the event was by donation of either money or canned goods. All proceeds of this event  were donated to Page One of Shenandoah to help local families in need. Through the generosity of the PCHS family, $140 and nearly 70 pounds of canned goods were raised for Page One. The Page One staff greatly appreciated this donation. When the PCHS SCA Sponsors, Mrs. Bracken and Mr. Tickerhoof, visited Page One to present the donation where they were informed that Page One was able to  service 100 families, which included 283 individuals, during the month of August.

As for the Powderpuff game, the Senior class emerged victorious, after a hard-fought battle,  with a score of 23 to 0.

Thank you to all who attended and contributed to this worthwhile and exciting Homecoming tradition.