Students sitting on the stage

Recently, 7th graders at PCMS engaged in a highly successful cross-curricular unit based on the novel Hunger Games. In English, class students kicked off the unit by choosing two tributes for each class. They not only read the novel, but worked through all the elements of fiction and bolstered their reading comprehension through the use of this engaging, high interest text, and many fun activities along the way. Notably, students used a survival pack to demonstrate their understanding through the course of the novel.

In Science, students delved into and created a final project on biomes that helped to strengthen the understanding of setting and environment because they play such an important role in any text.

In History, students were able to discuss the maps and societal changes that are portrayed in the novel. In Math, incorporating characters into word problems just added to the excitement and relevance of the novel.

Students finished the unit with a culminating full day activity, “Hunger Games Day. The
tributes from each class block competed with each other as a team to earn the most points in order to lead their class block to victory. Tributes earned points in various ‘minute-to-win-it’ style games, whole-class dodgeball, and most importantly trivia from the novel. The unit was a huge success!